Napa leather goods can be trendy!


With compliments of Mulberry — Fall 2013

Napa leather is applied in luxury goods pretty often. There was a man called Emanuel Manasse who worked for a tannery in Napa California in 1875 and he was the guy who first invented it. It is full-grained leather either originate from lamb/sheep/buffalo skin dyed in different colors and special soap and oil coating, soft & durable.

Numerous brands accessories products also applied this kind of leather. South Korea is the first country to start applying such premium material on street fashion. We also spotted that friends or love ones also like product made by napa leather. Hence, this will carry on to be our major leather source in upcoming product development.

納帕皮是頭層皮,於1875年在美國誕生,是經特別處理及染色, 柔軟可塑性高而且非常耐用的皮料,不少高級品牌也選用此款皮料做包包。不過,近年先南韓率先將此款皮料應用在大眾化的皮具設計上,從此小市民也可負擔得到一個用料上乘的包包。

作為皮具設計師,B by B Square 也留意到身邊的朋友很喜歡這款皮料,多色之餘又可以做出潮款。因此下一輪新品設計也會用上不同顏色的納帕皮料。


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